Viomi Making Debut with A Host of New Launches at IFA 2022

Sep 02,2022

As the pioneer of [One-Stop IoT @ Home], Viomi is presenting a series of new and hot selling AI products at IFA this year. With the [One-Stop IoT @ Home] solution, Viomi is dedicated to developing a unique ecosystem of innovative home scenes, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and balcony, which Redefine the Interconnected Future to customers.


IFA, the world's top technology exhibition, was held in Berlin, Germany, 2-6th, Sep. With the outstanding product display, Viomi has attracted a large number of customers to come.

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As a 'new friend' of IFA, Viomi presents a good performance of [One-Stop IoT @ Home]. Customers can directly experience the interconnected home appliances brought by advanced AI+IoT technology.

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Viomi attracted wide attention at the exhibition, and customers were very interested in our products. The patient introduction of our staff left a deep impression on the customers.


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Viomi has designed two experience display areas at the hall. Through the on-site experience display, customers can intuitively realize how the ecosystem of innovative home scenes and AI products work together, fully displaying the 'trendy tech' image of Viomi with the future home concept of 'high-tech at home'.

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New Launches at IFA Exhibition

Cyber Pro

Alpha 3

To redefine the future home via the concept of AI+loT, Viomi is dedicated to developing a unique ecosystem of innovative home scenes such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and balcony. Together with a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions including air environment, water purification, lighting security, etc.

IFA Exhibition, known as the 'Global Trending of Appliances and Electronics', is one of the three major consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. Based on this, Viomi has shown the brand image and product strength to the world, better promoting the Viomi brand to a  further stage. 

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