Save Big On Viomi Robot Vacuum & Cordless Vacuum Cleaners This Season’s Black Friday; Did We Say Discounts & Deals!

Nov 04,2022

Call it a holiday treat or a fruitful investment; it never is right to miss out on a huge black Friday sale, especially when hot-selling products are on big sale! Above all-year sales, Viomi puts a cherry on the top with its massive Black Friday discounts and deals on robot vacuum and cordless vacuum cleaners up to 30% off starting November 10 to 28.

Whether you are fretting over what to buy as a present or how to make your home holiday-ready for all the craze and fun, cleaning should be the last thing to bug you. 

All-Rounder Sweeping: S9, Alpha 2 Pro

Getting your hands on S9 or Alpha 2 Pro at a discounted price would be your best investment in automated robotic cleaning. Speaking of self-emptying robot vacuums, S9 and Alpha 2 Pro are equipped with all the innovative features that a busy household needs. 


On the more significant advantage, you can get S9 3-in-1 Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping solution for just $389.99 at 20% off. 


● High Capacity 3L dust bin adds up to longer cleaning sessions.

● Auto Dirt Disposal system for 30 days of hands-free cleaning.

● Google Assist/Home Voice Command to customize cleaning plans.

● 360° LiDAR Laser Scanning & Mapping stores up to 5 floors.


Compared to S9, Alpha 2pro features an upgraded Four Line Lasers obstacle avoidance system and Auto-dumping System 2.0. This product is best suitable for households with pets and kids. You do not have to worry about picking up the toys and any clothes lying on the floor whenever you need to clean. Hence, less effort. Hence, less effort.


Alpha 2 Pro works more effectively and efficiently, releasing fresh air with a triple filtering system, which makes it the best buy for households with kids, pets, or people who prefer the overall well-being of their homes and themselves.

Alpha 2 Pro

Efficiently fulfill your soft and hardwood floor cleaning need with a 3-in-1 cleaning giant. To get the most out of Black Friday sales, you can get Alpha 2 Pro at 25% off for just $599.99. From the best price to all-in-one revolutionary cleaning, Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is an all-rounder.

● Four Line Laser Lidar anti-collision tech detects 3.5mm, 150+ obstacles.

● Alpha 2 Pro's cutting-edge line laser sensor cleans as close as 1.5cm* to walls or things, leaving no untidy corners and not harming furniture, walls, or other items.

● Auto-dumping System 2.0 for quick 10s emptying and triple filtering system for spotless cleaning.

● No Residue with a 60% shortened air duct

● Cover 420m² (4521ft²) with a 5200mAh strong battery

Portable Vacuum Cleaning: Aeolus 9(A9), Cyber

If you are a traditional hand-held vacuum cleaner, the good news is that Viomi has its hot-selling, tried, and tested portable cordless vacuum cleaners with huge Black Friday discounts.


If space-saving yet powerful cleaning is your priority, Aeolus 9(A9) and Cyber are cost-effective and lightweight, cordless portable vacuum cleaners with enhanced performance.

Aeolus 9(A9)

Currently, on the Black Friday sale at 32% off for just $169.99, you can enjoy a one-click start cleaning. A9 offers a wall-mounting support system, making it best for small apartments where storage is an issue.


● Powerful 120AW Brushless motor offers enhanced 23Kpa intense suction performance for fine dust and particles.

● Portable and Cordless design offers easy-to-use access for hard-to-reach.

● Lightweight 3.4lb construction makes it easier for the children to use and carry.

● 4 brushes; soft, fluffy, mini fabric, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brush, ideally covering hardwood, tile, and short-hair carpet floors.

● Convenient maintenance; detachable 60mins battery, 3.5hr quick charge, one-touch 0.6L emptying washable dust cup.

Cyber, in comparison to A9, is a 2-in-1 vacuum & mop cleaner. If you have a busy home with kids, pets, and lots of guests visiting all the time, which definitely calls for more stains and dust, Cyber is the best suitable option for you.


Go tough on stubborn stains and unavoidable dust particles with the 2-in-1 Cyber Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner at a surprising 30% off for $348.99 in the Black Friday sale.


● One-step Vacuum & Wash for deep cleaning.

● A continuous roller brush washing mechanism provides you with clean brush contact with the surface all the time.

● One-click Self-cleaning & Active Air drying for easy maintenance.

● 800ml/500ml clean & dirty water tank & detachable battery for extended runtime for 120 m² (1292ft²) cleanings.

● Is the fear very heavy? No, the machine will have "self-traction" to drive the machine forward after starting



As a trending tech brand, Viomi needs no introduction when it comes to IoT. The brand incorporates AI and IoT, transforming the face of automated homes, and strives to create and provide a distinctive ecosystem for all kinds of homes and people. Viomi gives its consumers a more practical, intelligent, and healthy way of living while still being functional.

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