Spook-tacular Cleaning With Viomi Alpha 3 Around Halloween

Oct 21,2022

Are you ready to be a ghostly host this year for Halloween? Let's not get haunted by the mess amongst the festival's apparition. Where cleaning has become a whip of a wand with Viomi Alpha 3 robotic all-in-one; vacuuming, mopping, washing, drying and sterilizing, the time for the damsel in distress is over. 


Let alone planning for a haunted welcome, or preparing for creepy cocktails is a chore in itself. Along with the guests coming over and enjoying the whole essence of the holidays, cleaning does not have to get on your nerves this season with Viomi Auto Self-Cleaning Mopping Master Alpha 3.

Let's Get The Most Out Of Holiday Season: On-the-go 24/7 hands-free cleaning.

Jumping into the enchanted holiday season, leave those creepy critters to Multi-function One station Alpha 3 robotic vacuum and mop this year. At the same time, you sip your cocoa by the fireplace, Alpha 3 auto mops, and self-cleans itself with dual tank and auto-dry features.


Where its dual 4L water tanks offer ample water for moistening the mop pads to scrub off the dirt and hang the washboard with lifting features; moreover, it auto-refills the clean water to ensure dirt-free cleaning. You do not have to leave the guests unattended or miss out on that ghouly gossip because Alpha 3 auto-starts at 35℉ hot air drying to keep the mop 99% fried to avoid mold and smell.



- While self-cleaning the mop, Alpha 3 auto refills the water and passes it through an electrolyzed module that sterilizes it.

- Enhanced protection against germs and bacteria.

- Its hanging and scrubbing washboard design helps deeply scrub the mop to remove the dirt effectively.


Dedicate Your Time To The Guests: Allrounder 2-In-1 Mop and Vacuum

Viomi's Alpha 3 comes with a full-pad high-range vibration to reciprocate scrubbing for better cleaning performance, whether it is a spilled cocktail, sweets, or horrifying splashes. Before getting started with a phantasmic madness, you can use the Intelligent Remoting Operation like built-in voice assistance, or personalize your cleaning functions like mop or vacuum in the app for intelligent cleaning.


Whereas other products in the market require you to pick up stuff before setting your vacuum free or manually replacing the carpet mop, Viomi Alpha 3 frees your hands of all the hassle. So, this season, your only effort is to indulge in a stress-free holiday.





- In comparison to other alternatives, it requires no manual replacement of any parts for carpet cleaning.

- It offers above average 3200Pa vigorous vacuuming to suck each particle from bigger chunks to dust.

- It comes with 3 cleaning functions or modes: Mop (Y-Shaped), Vacuum+Mop (S/Y-Shaped), and Vacuum (S-Shaped).

- Full-pad vibrational mopping ensure that no spot is left unattended.


Get Your Decor Game Stronger: Upgraded Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance System

Whether you are planning to carve a jack-o-lantern, some chick Halloween wreaths, a spider web, or floating brooms, nothing comes in the Alpha 3 robotic vacuum’s way. It features an upgraded obstacle avoidance system with 360° LiDAR+8 Infrared ToFs for enhanced mapping, navigating, and avoiding obstacles, especially the lower matters.

The advantage of this model is that it not only has LiDAR obstacle avoidance but also features 8 ToFs. They help better detect lower objects and avoid obstacles more flexibly.



- Cliff Sensor Anti Falling system helps in preventing falling from high places like stairs.

- Customizable restricting zones make cleaning efficient and easy, avoiding carpet and delicacies around the house.

With the holiday season approaching, unwind with a practical cleaning solution requiring minimal maintenance. Having the comfort and convenience of Viomi Alpha 3 all-in-one self-cleaning robotic vacuum, are you ready to welcome the spooky charm?

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