Viomi Technology Launches Alpha UV (S9) Robot Vacuum Cleaner Featuring UV Sterilization

May 24,2021

Viomi Technology ("Viomi" or the "Company"), a leading IoT @ Home technology company, launched the Viomi Alpha UV (S9) robot vacuum, the Company’s first robot vacuum that features innovative UV sterilization to deliver effective, and intensive cleaning.


Introducing the Viomi Alpha UV (S9), UV Steri-cleaning Expert. Free your hands to enjoy a better life!

UV Steri-cleaning Expert to Further Your Routine Cleaning

According to test results from SGS, the Alpha UV (S9) sterilization system effectively kills 99.99% of five kinds of bacteria and cleans significantly deeper than traditional manual cleaning.

“We added the safe, leak-proof UV sterilization design to Alpha UV because it helps to keep the whole family safe from bacterial health threats, dust mite allergy and skin irritation. It’s extremely important to keep everyday living spaces clean and safe.” said Mr. Tommy Zhang, GM of VIOMI Overseas Market Division.


Auto Dirt Disposal to Avoid Secondary Pollution

Viomi’s latest robot vacuum is now equipped with auto dirt disposal 2.0 system, which brings an impressive thirty-day hands-free cleaning and avoids secondary pollution from touching and inhaling dust, especially important for those who suffer from dust mite allergy.


Advanced and Intensive Cleaning Experiences

 The powerful 5200mAh battery can provide 3.6 hours of non-stop service under the silent mode, which covers an area of 320m2  in one session

● Upgraded  2700PA suction, easily absorbs fine dust and even the steel balls

● Y-pattern mopping, to simulate manual cleaning patterns

● 3-in-1, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping to cater for diversified cleaning needs

● Pressure-sensitive height sensor and 9.8cm ultra-thin body, keeping it from getting stuck

● Shorter air duct, smoother air flow, more effective cleaning

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About Viomi Technology

Viomi has developed a unique IoT @ Home platform consisting of an ecosystem of innovative IoT-enabled smart home products, together with a suite of complementary consumable products and value-added businesses, prevalent in over 60 countries/regions.


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