Viomi-Alpha(S9) Viomi-Alpha(S9)

Alpha UV(S9)

UV steri-cleaning Expert

Viomi-A9-Cordless-Vacuum-Cleaner Viomi-A9-Cordless-Vacuum-Cleaner

Viomi A9 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

One-click to Start, Multi-brush Cleaning, No Messy Corner Left.

Viomi-5G-IoT-Home Viomi-5G-IoT-Home

IoT@Home Is The Future

Smart and Connected Home

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“Tested the Viomi Alpha (S9) yesterday. It worked so good and our cat Halo won't try and destroy it. A win win for sure!”



“A friend of mine gifted me the Viomi SE robot vacuum for the holidays. Oh boy, it literally did all my holiday cleaning. And now I can’t live without it!”



“The Viomi A9 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner just vacuums everything, cereal, crumbs, hair, etc. Perfect for a house with young kids!”



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The Ultimate Connection: User-Car-Home


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