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We are well aware of the importance of personal information to you, and your trust is very important to us.  We will follow applicable laws and regulations and take industry practice into consideration so as to provide sufficient protection to your personal information.  Therefore, Foshan Viomi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies within the Viomi Group (hereinafter refer to as “Viomi”, “we”, “our” or “us”) provide this Privacy Policy (hereinafter refer to as “Privacy Policy”/“Policy”) to help you understand how we collect, use, disclose, process and protect your personal information and how you can manage your personal information, during your use of our website (,, products, applications and services.

This Privacy Policy only applies to the products, services, websites or applications which quote or link to this Policy.  However, if any product or service has its own privacy policy (hereinafter refer to as “Specific Policy”), then that Specific Policy shall prevail, and this Policy will apply where the Specific Policy does not cover.

You should carefully read and thoroughly understand and confirm that you have fully understood and agreed to this Privacy Policy before using our websites, products, applications and services, especially those clauses marked in BOLD.  We will try to use plain language to explain the professional wording in this Policy for you to better understand.   Please contact us at if you have any questions against this Policy.

You understand and agree that includes:

·Information You Provide To Us: such as your name, nickname, Union ID, open ID, gender, birth day, cell phone number, email address, Viomi account, Mi account, delivery address, password safety related information, the third party applications, devices or data from the website, product and application store that you choose to connect, account and related setting information, and devices information that you choose to connect or your feedback, etc. 

· Device information or SIM card related information:  including IMEI number, IMSI number, device manufacturer, model, label, operat ing system version, application version, language setting, WI-FI information, screen size and resolution, operator information. We may also collect the device information which you choose to bond with Viomi account, such as MAC address, device DID, internet status (IP/in ternet signal) and hardware version.

· Your location information (only applies to specific service/function):  such as territory and country code, city ode, mobile network code, device country code, territory, time zone and language setting, in order to calculate the nearby inventory status, distance to service centers, make current location address available to choose when you set up or amend the address.   You can turn off such location per mission in each application any time by going to your smart phone > setting > permission.

· Log information:  information related to your use of certain functions, applications and websites, such as cookie and other anonymous identifier technology, IP address, internet requires, temporary message history, standard system log, system failure information, etc.

· Purchase order information though our application:   including receiver name, address and cell phone number, purchase order number, ordered product/service, payment amount and payment method.

· Personalized recommendation:  in order to provide you with product, advertising and service information which better meet your indi vidual needs, and display product or service that you may look for during your search, we may collect your review history, order informa tion, shopping cart, collection, etc.  Please see “YOUR RIGHTS” below.

We may also collect other information that is not enough to identify a specific natural person (i.e. non-personal information), such as the aggregate data and anonymous data of device information, daily active events, visits and stay period, internet type, device information, product display source, Xiaomi smart phone model and system version, so as to improve our service to you.  The information type and quantity we collected is up to how you use our applications and/or service.   Under this Policy, the aggregate data will be deemed as non-personal information.  However, if we combine such non-personal information with personal information, then it will be deemed as personal information in that use scenario.

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